We now Stock 0.07, 0.12 & 0.18mm Thickness in our Mixed 'Mink' Tray Lashes

For all you creative Lashers doing xD Russian Volume Technique or Feathering we've just taken delivery of 3 new thicknesses in our Mixed Length 'Mink' Tray Lashes.

We now stock; 0.07mm, 0.12mm and 0.18mm as well as our standard thicknesses of 0.15mm, 0.20mm and 0.25mm. We've been playing with these for a few weeks and they open up a new range of creative options for high-end lash design. We absolutely love them!

We only have the mixed length trays in limited stock right now but the individual length trays are on their way. If you've not used them before the mixed length sets are a great way to experiment with the new techniques without spending fortunes on a whole range of lashes.

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