Fast-Fanning Lashes FAQs

We're so excited to be launching self fanning volume lashes here at The Eyelash emporium HQ. But you might have some questions about how these easy fan lashes work or why you should be using them. If you're unsure, read on and we're tell you more...

Why choose these easy fan lashes over making my own volume fans?
It’s all about the speed! Our Silver Screen Fast-Fanning Lashes are pre-bonded at the base so you can pick up your desired number of lashes and instantly create a perfect fan! Meaning you can achieve a full volume look in under two hours without compromising a full-drama effect!

Is there a technique I need to learn to use the self fanning volume lashes?
While this is a much simpler method of creating volume lashes than hand-making fans, as with all lash treatments - practice makes perfect! The easiest way to use these lashes is to pick-up the lashes, place them on our new silicone lash pad, and use the point of your tweezers to create the fan. You can then pick up the fan as normal, dip and place.

Educator's tip: For any flat bases, simply pinch together with your clean finger tips.

What’s the difference between a 0.05mm & 0.07mm?
As 0.05mm lashes are so fine they are perfect for creating mega volume looks with bigger fans, with less need to worry about consistency between each lash.
The 0.07mm size is perfect for creating the typical Russian Volume uniformed look as it’s easier to select specific numbers of lashes, due to their slightly heavier weight.

So now, you know all about how our self fanning lashes work, try them in action!