Patch Testing FAQs

When should I patch test?
We recommend you patch test before treatment.

How soon before treatment should I patch test?
We recommend that you patch test at least 48 hours before treatment. Failure to do so can make your insurance null and void.

Does COVID-19 affect how and when we patch test?

Yes, you need to wait two weeks after a clients’ positive test before you can patch test. You also need to wait two weeks before patch testing anyone who has received their vaccination.

Should every client be patch tested again?
As clients start to come back to the salon it’s important you’re re-patch testing everyone.

What do I need to patch test?
We recommend re-patch testing for all treatments (tint, adhesive, solutions) two weeks after a client has a positive COVID test result or a vaccination, as this is a change in their medical history.

Can I use my old consultation cards?
You will need to fill out a new consultation form for every client. Clients MUST sign their consultation card and you need to keep it in your records for at least 6 years.

Do we need to keep a record of clients who have tested positive or had a vaccination?
Yes make a note of this on their consultation card.

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