Set yourself apart by learning our tips, tricks and techniques for ultimate coverage, customised styling and hybrid mapping.

Learn the art of the Hybrid Lash with HYLASH, our latest treatment! Create the WOW-factor of a full-coverage, Russian volume look in half the time. As well as tips, tricks and brand new techniques to offer tailor-made styling and flawless coverage for your clients.



When studying lashes you have so much to learn with perfecting your motor skills in hand/eye coordination. With Classic Advanced Eyelash Extension Training we are going to show you how to take your application to the next level. We will teach you how to mix curls and understand weighting giving you the tools to consult your client to give them the best possible style that suits them. Throughout the course you will also pick up top tips on lash application and how to reach inner corners. Classic Advanced Eyelash Extension Training will also give you an insight to volume and pre-made fans.

Course Duration: 1 Day - 9.30am-5pm
Free Kit: Worth £90


It's important to us at The Eyelash Emporium to support new and existing students of the lash industry. We pride ourselves on education and supporting lash artists to be the best they can be in delivering high quality treatments to their clients. All of our team pride themselves on delivering in-depth knowledge and enjoy sharing their trade secrets! 

  • Award-winning training
  • 14 CPD Points
  • Beauty Guild of Excellence Award winner 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 for 'Best Supplier Specific Training' 
  • Trainers with years of experience
  • Small class sizes, so each student receives one-to-one time
  • On-going mentoring and support even after you are certified
  • Both the theory and practical elements in great detail 


  • How to perfect classic eyelash extension techniques
  • An understanding of adhesives and importance of separation of lashes
  • How to develop techniques to achieve a fuller lash coverage
  • The importance of the placement direction and angles of pickup of lashes
  • How to achieve the perfect lash line graduation
  • Layering and taping techniques
  • How to use techniques stacking and capping and understand when to use 


  • Own tweezers including straight and curved
  • Model (required between 2pm & 4.30pm)


Certification will be on the day upon successful completion of theory, practical and assessment.After certification if you need any support we're here to help. All of our advisors are trained technicians, to assist and help with any enquiries you may have after your classic advanced eyelash extension course. We've come across just about every problem a technician could face when carrying out a treatment. We're only a phone call or an email away for any troubleshooting advice you may require. 

Following this course next steps would be attending our Russian Volume xD training. Be the best you can be. 



Completion and certified in semi-permanent lashes (please note, this doesn’t have to be with The Eyelash Emporium). You must be over 16 to train in eyelash extensions and you will need good eyesight. It does not matter if you wear glasses, but you will need to be able to focus clearly to safely perform the treatment. If you're pregnant, please read our pregnancy when training advice and contact our customer care team on the number below before booking.


1. Do I need to be experienced in classic lashes to attend this course? 

Yes, you do as this is an advanced course following your initial introduction to semi-permanent lashes. This course will take you to the next level in classic lashes showing you different techniques to help you hit inner corners, create a fuller set, and how to handle different types of lashes. 

2. How is this the Classic Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Course different to Classic? 

This is an advanced form of classic lashes so is not a repeat of what you have learnt on classic. The information and training provided on the course will help you take your knowledge and lashing to the next level. You’ll gain an understanding on how to mix lash curls, lash weighting and how you can use this knowledge to create a fuller lash line.This course is also perfect for those who have not lashed for a while as it will help refresh your lashing techniques and update you on new industry skills and product information. 

3. Is this a hybrid lash course? 

This course will introduce you to hybrid lash styling. We will show you how to create a lash structure using individual lashes and pre-made fans. We will also give you an introduction into how to make your own 2D fan. 

4. Do I receive a kit?

Yes you do!

5. The course states its advance techniques does that mean I will learn how to create volume lashes? 

The course is all about advancing your skills within individual classic lashes. We do however show you how you can incorporate pre-made fans into your structures to create different styles. We will also show you how to make your own 2D fan which will give you a taste into how volume works, and the skill required. 

6. Why should I do this course? 

This course is perfect for gaining more knowledge within classic lashes. This will give you more understanding on type of lashes, what is on trend and top tips on how to mix curls. Having gained more up to date knowledge on products we will then be showing you techniques on lash placement and how to gain full coverage.There is so much to learn within lashes and we really recommend keeping up with the lash industry as it ever changing in products, tools and techniques and we want to share this with you. 

7. Does the course cover styling as I would like to know more? 

This course is not specifically built around styling. However, we will be showing you fundamental parts of how to create structures, mixing curls, hybrid lashes and correctional styling and lash placement. 

8. Do I need to bring a model? 

Yes, you are required to bring your own model that has no lash extensions on. You will be carrying out a full practical in the afternoon of the training where we will be supporting you to create a full set of lashes using the under-pinning knowledge shared with you in the morning of the training.The model will be expected to be with you for approximately 2 hours. We would recommend doing your client record card before attending the training. 

9. Will you be insured? 

Our courses are accredited by the Guild, and you will be able to obtain insurance. On completion of the training you will also receive a certificate.

10. Do I receive support following the training? 

All our team are more than happy to support. We have our customer services team via phone or email, online support through our social channels as well being able to contact your educator directly. All our staff are trained within lashes. 

If you have any other questions about our eyelash extension courses, email us at lashes@eyelashemporium.co.uk or call the office on 01753 650656.