Do you sell mink lashes?

None of our lashes are made from real mink hair. 

What are your lash extensions made from?

Our lashes are made from a plastic called PBT they go through a process that makes them silky soft.

In your volume lashes range, what are the difference between Fasting Fanning and Show Time?

Our fast fanning lashes are AMAZING they are dark and dense and easy to fan off the strip. Show Time lashes are mixed length lashes on the same strip, when you make a fan with them it gives you a textured fluffy look.


Which lashes are best for Classics?

To create beautiful classic sets choose thicknesses 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm lashes in you favourite curls. We love to mix our weight and curls depending on the clients eyes and lashes to create stunning fluttery sets.

Which lashes are best for Volume?

Intsa-worthy volume lashes can be created by using 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.07mm thicknesses. We love our fast fanning lashes - you can create beautiful dense fans in half the time. If you love the wispy look then you will love our Show Time lashes 

Which lashes are best for Hybrid sets?

For Hybrid lashes you can use our flat lashes these are fabulous as the give the look of a 0.20mm but without straining the natural lash. 

Which lashes are best for Express?

Our pre made fans are ideal for an express treatment - they are heat fused at the bases, super light and fluffy.