• Flat Lashes - Mixed Length Trays
  • Flat Lashes - Mixed Length Trays

Flat Full Screen C-Curl Lashes (Mixed Lengths)

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The versatile C-curl is a must-have for creating an action-packed semi-permanent look that suits a variety of eye shapes and lash profiles.

Our C-Curl Flat lashes are flattened from the base to give the illusion of extra volume, whilst creating more surface area for a stronger adhesion to the natural lash. This gives maximum retention whilst creating a thicker fuller look without the extra weight.

Our Classic eyelash extensions are available in thicknesses 0.15mm-0.20mm - perfect for individual one by one lash application.

Each mixed length tray contains 16 strips (over 3,000 lashes!) in lash lengths 7mm-14mm.

A great lash goes a long way, which is why our lashes:

  • Are made with PBT - an advanced polymer that is super soft, light and silky but deceptively tough, holding its curl.
  • Have a strong depth of colour - meaning you can achieve a denser, fuller look.
  • Are hand-finished in South Korea, ensuring quality in each lash.

Each of our Full Screen Lash Trays are:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free – all our lashes are vetro tested meaning no animals have taken part in the creation of our lashes.

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