Find out How Cold Weather can Affect your Glue

How to Look after your Eyelash Glue to make it Last Longer

With cold temperatures a common occurrence in my countries, you should take care when you get your new eyelash adhesive through the post. Eyelash glues, if they are new and unopened can safely be chilled in the fridge to extend shelf life. It is vital that they are allowed to come up to room temperature before you open them and never put them back into the fridge once opened.

Rapid changes in temperature can cause condensation to form inside the bottle and dramatically shorten the life of your glue. The back of a delivery van can be colder than your fridge at this time of year so take care to let the glue temperature come up to the level of your treatment room before opening it for the first time. If the temperature in your treatment room or salon varies a lot throughout the day, try storing your glue in an insulated box, a vacuum flask or even some bubble wrap. It will keep your glue performing at it's best for longer.