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Adhesive Usage

We would recommend our Motion Sensitive Low Odour Adhesive, it is a slow setting adhesive that has less cyanoacrylate in it - due to this it has less fumes. 

We would recommend our Epic Medium Viscosity Adhesive for beginners. Epic is a medium setting adhesive which dries in 3 to 5 seconds. This gives you a little extra time to get the lash in place whilst still giving amazing retention.

Our Quick-Time Elite is our fastest setting adhesive. It sets in a super fast 0.5-1 seconds so is perfect for experienced techs!

All of our adhesives contain an ingredient called cyanoacrylate. If a client is allergic or sensitive then this is usually the ingredient that causes the sensitivity. We therefore would not recommend using any of our adhesives if your client has sensitive eyes.

How has your adhesive been stored? Eyelash adhesive is best stored in an air tight container in so that no moisture can get to it. Make sure to always keep the lid on your adhesive when you use it too.

Have you also checked that you glue is in date? You will find this on the neck of the bottle. Glue should be used within three months of opening.

Give it a good shake! Adhesive can come out of the bottle clear at first if it has not been shaken as all the ingredients haven't been mixed together.

If your fans are closing this is probably because you are using a little too much adhesive. Make sure to only dip your fan a minimal amount in the adhesive (the very tip - just 1mm) so not to pick up too much adhesive. This will help prevent the fan from closing and keep fans nice and fluffy giving you insta-worthy lashes!

Adhesive expires three months after opening.

There are mixed opinions within the industry. We believe that is is best not to lash pregnant clients. When you are pregnant you have a higher amount of hormones flying around the body so therefore could potentially be at a higher risk of allergic reaction. Also, later on in pregnancy it is not safe to be laid on the back for long lengths of time so this would not be an ideal treatment for a pregnant client to have.

Adhesive Cleaning & Storage

If your adhesive has white around the bottle this is called blooming. This is due to moisture getting into the adhesive. To prevent this make sure you are keeping the the adhesive either in the packet it came in along with the silica beads, or in an air tight container.

To clean the neck or top of your adhesive make sure to ALWAYS use a lint free pad. NEVER use cotton wool or anything wet! Cotton wool will smoke when mixed with the adhesive and using wet wipes will cause moisture to get into the adhesive.

Firstly, try to understand why your adhesive became blocked. Did you keep it in the correct environment? Don’t try unblock the nozzle as you will push the blockage back into the bottle. It is best to dispose of the glue as per correct disposal instructions.

It is best to store your adhesive in an air tight container, having silica beads in it is a bonus as these help to absorb any moisture from the environment, you will find these in the packet when you purchase your adhesive. Make sure your adhesive is kept upright.

It is important to dispose of your glue safely. To do this you must drop a small amount of water into it so that the adhesive shock cures. If you do not do this the adhesive is classed as hazardous waste. Once the adhesive has water dropped into it and is cured you are able to dispose of it with normal household rubbish.

Adhesives & Retention

Prep is essential for good lash retention. Make sure you cleanse you client's lashes before treatments - dirty lashes are not a good foundation for lash extensions. 

There are may reasons why you could get brush offs, it could be that you are are taking too long between dipping the lash into the adhesive and placing it onto the natural lash. Always make sure that you have isolated your natural lash first, before dipping your extension into your adhesive. This will ensure the adhesive won't have time to cure preventing less brush offs.

Adhesives & Allergic Reactions

We state that you must patch test every new client at least 48 hours before their full treatment. It can take upto 48 hours for an immune response to occur in the body. If you have not seen the client for treatment for a full 6 months you must re-patch test them. To perform a lash extension patch test apply a couple of lashes to the outer corners of each eye. If you are using a new adhesive during your infill continue with your current adhesive and apply a couple of lashes to the outer corners of each eye with the new adhesive. If there is no reaction you are fine to use the new adhesive for the next treatment.

You must firstly check to see if the client is okay - if they require it, refer them to a chemist or GP. NEVER recommend any form of treatment or medication yourself .


Lash Range

None of our lashes are made from real mink hair. 

Our lashes are made from a plastic called PBT they go through a process that makes them silky soft.

Our fast fanning lashes are AMAZING they are dark and dense and easy to fan off the strip. Show Time lashes are mixed length lashes on the same strip, when you make a fan with them it gives you a textured fluffy look.

Choosing The Best Lashes

To create beautiful classic sets choose thicknesses 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm lashes in you favourite curls. We love to mix our weight and curls depending on the clients eyes and lashes to create stunning fluttery sets.

Insta-worthy volume lashes can be created by using 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.07mm thicknesses. We love our fast fanning lashes - you can create beautiful dense fans in half the time. If you love the wispy look then you will love our Show Time lashes.

For Hybrid lashes you can use our flat lashes these are fabulous as the give the look of a 0.20mm but without straining the natural lash. 

Our Pre-Made Fans are ideal for an express treatment - they are heat fused at the bases, super light and fluffy.


The cleanser with clean the eye area and the lashes - think of it as a nice foamy bath for the eye area. This is also an amazing retail item for you - every client should be taking one home with them! The primer preps the lashes ready for treatment, after you have cleansed the lashes, it balances the moisture level back. You need the tiniest amount, by using your primer it helps with retention but too much can also affect and cause poor retention.

Accelerator is different to primer, the accelerator is a product that can help with speeding up the curing process of adhesive. You put the accelerator straight onto the strip of the lashes then continue treatment as normal. This is a great product for a tech that maybe is not confident to move onto a quicker glue. Accelerator is also great to have if it's cold in your lash room as it can help speed the setting time of your adhesive up.



GDL stands for Gravity Defying Lashes. It's The Eyelash Emporium's very own lash lift treatment that enhances and redefines the natural lash. 

The Gravity Defying Lash treatment lifts and extends the lashes, straightening them at the root for an instant fuller effect and high-impact look.

Treatment time just 30 minutes.

A GDL lash lift keeps clients' lashes defined for up to 8 weeks.

No. GDL is a natural lash enhancement which redefines lashes, making them look thicker, fuller and longer.


BDL stands for Brow Defying Lashes. It's The Eyelash Emporium's very own brow lamination treatment that reconstructs the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape - creating, thicker, fuller brows.

The Brow Defying Lamination treatment lifts the hairs from the root and sets them in place meaning brows appear thicker and fluffier. 

Treatment time just 30 minutes.

A BDL brow lamination keeps clients' brows defined for up to 8 weeks.

No. BDL is a natural brow reconstructive that styles brows, making them look more defined, uniform and sculpted.


Our live classes offer a blended learning combination of online theory and in-person practical. We also offer online training courses that are fully remote.

You can find your nearest training venue by using our Venue Finder. We also offer online training courses for those wanting a fully remote option to learn.

You can directly book through our website, or you can give our customer care team a call on 01753 650656

No previous experience or qualification is required to train in and become a fully qualified lash and brow technician. Some advanced courses require prior qualifications before enrolment – further information on this can be found on each course page.

With our 2-in-1 Lash Lift & Brow Lamination course, you can refresh your lash lifting techniques and train in brow lamination too. However, we do offer a fully remote, online Brow Lamination course separately.

With our 2-in-1 Lash Lift & Brow Lamination course, you can refresh your brow lamination techniques and train in lash lifting too. However, we do offer a fully remote online Lash Lift course separately.

Yes. The online pre-course covers everything you need to know ready for your in-person training day.

No, all learning materials & products are supplied for training. However, you may need to bring a model with you.

We're always on the lookout for new educators. If you've got a passion for lashing and teaching, please send your CV to our Lead Brand Educator Sonia Gapper via email at sonia.gapper@eyelashemporium.co.uk