About Us

Eyelash Emporium’s heritage is rooted within the glitz and glamour of the British film industry. The brand was conceived by Wilma Dunn, a make-up artist at the famous Pinewood studios (where both James Bond & Harry Potter were filmed!), with a focus on best-in-class products & education for lash technicians.

In 2015, the business became a family-owned brand and Eyelash Emporium was sold to consumers as well as professionals… The secret to movie star lashes was revealed!

Today, Eyelash Emporium offers a full range of eyelash products for both consumers and professional lash techs, including false lashes, lash serums, application and aftercare products and tools.

At EE we’re making it our mission to make beautiful lashes easy, accessible and fun.

Whether you’re a pro tech or lash lover, we’re empowering and inspiring everyone from beginners to experts alike with our helpful step by step guides & high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable product ranges.

Our pro eyelash products are based on a wealth of knowledge and expertise and the brand is backed by industry leading, award-winning training.

With the knowledge we have taken from our lash techs, our high definition, 3D multi-layered strip lashes come in a wide range of styles that lift and enhance the natural eye shape, for stress free, beautiful lash looks every time.

We are big sister you never knew you needed in the lash category!

Striving to give you inner & outer confidence, we’re here to help you find a style that suits you and give you the confidence to master every lash step, from selection to application, removal and aftercare.