Online Selling Policy


  1. The Customer shall not sell Grafton products by mail order or by Internet, unless the Customer has received a prior written authorisation from Grafton confirming that the objective selection criteria set up for this kind of sale are satisfied (as detailed below), which authorisation shall normally be given via your account manager. For the avoidance of doubt, this policy is aimed at promoting sales via the internet provided that certain quality conditions are met.
  1. The Website or the Mail Order catalogues on which the Grafton products shall be advertised and/or sold shall be submitted to the Supplier for written approval. Such approval shall be granted if the following conditions are met:
  1. The name, the environment, the presentation and the general standing of the Website or the Mail Order catalogues as well as the way it functions shall be compatible with Grafton’s trademarks, reputation and image.
  1. The Website or the Mail Order catalogues shall offer to consumers a high quality service for the Products.
  1. Product presentation: Any images of the Products must be unambiguous and meet the high standards of the Grafton brands.
  1. Products and features must be described in appropriate detail. Where Grafton has notified the Customer of inaccuracies or issues with content, these must be rectified within 3 working days.
  1. The manner in which the Products and the licensed trademarks are presented on the Website or in the Mail Order catalogues in connection with the advertising and/or the sale of the Grafton brands shall be submitted to the Supplier for written approval. The Website or Mail Order catalogue may not include or use any licensed trademarks in the workings (as they exist as of this day or in the future) of the web, and in particular no licensed trade mark may be included or used in a domain name, an URL address or an e-mail address.
  1. Where the Customer's Website is hosted by a third party platform, customers shall not be permitted to visit the Customer's Website through a site carrying the name or logo of the third party platform (such as, for example, eBay, Amazon, Onbuy, Notonthehighstreet Etsy, and voucher sites such as Groupon).
  1. The Customer agrees to maintain a minimum stock level of three units per SKU carried at all times in order to ensure the Products are available to purchase without delay. This requirement is waived if the supply of Products is delayed due to stock availability or shipping issues that are not the responsibility of the Customer. For the avoidance of doubt this is intended to avoid the problems associated with the Customer employing drop ship methods of distribution whether or not supplied by the Supplier, authorised and/or unauthorised distributors and wholesalers.
  1. The Customer’s Website shall display a telephone number for customers to contact the Customer’s Customer Services department, which shall be manned, at a minimum, during normal office hours.
  1. Customers contacting Customer Services by email must normally receive a response within one (1) working day.
  1. All prices on the Customer’s Website shall include relevant taxes for the relevant territory.
  1. The fastest delivery option must allow the normal delivery of Products within three (3) working days of receipt of an order to customers within the Territory.
  1. The Website terms and conditions and returns policy must be compliant with local laws and regulations in the relevant territory and reflect best practice in the sector.