Summer's Coming...Avoid Eyelash Glue Problems by Storing Carefully

All Eyelash Glues need to be Treated with Care to Keep them in Top Condition

Warm and humid weather can really affect how your glue behaves. Eyelash glues form their strong bond in 2 ways; a solvent evaporates to dry the glue and a chemical reaction with moisture takes place to set it solid. It is important to keep moisture away from the glue while in storage so that the glue does not spoil and thicken in the bottle.

Never put a glue bottle that has been opened in the fridge, changes in temperature cause condensation that could spoil the glue. If glue has been refrigerated; leave it unopened in the room for the temperature to gradually settle (12-24hrs) before opening it. Once it has been taken out, don't put it back. Store your glue on it's own in a dark, dry place with a stable temperature.

If it's hot and humid, make sure you replace the top of your bottle immediately when you use your glue. Use a glue stone, rather than a ring and keep your glue stone cool. If you can control the temperature in the room you're working in; that's great, but if the air conditioning is too strong it can have the opposite effect and slow the glue down.