Assess Your Environment Quickly with a Hygrometer

Eyelash Extension Glues are Affected by Humidity and Temperature

Keep an eye on the conditions in your treatment room with this easy to read humidity and temperature meter. When the needle moves into the red or dark blue zones you can at least be warned that your glue is going to behave differently. You can then take steps to control the environment with a humidifier, de-humidifier and air conditioning or adapt to the conditions by using a slower or faster glue.

Eyelash extension glues are designed to work their best at room temperature (19ºC - 24ºC) and average humidity (40% - 70%). On hot and humid days your glue will cure much faster and if it's cold and dry the glue may take a long time to stick.

There are, of course, other things that can affect how your glue behaves but most problems are either humidity or temperature related. We have been using these hygrometers for a while in our treatment rooms and found that it helps to be warned when to expect the glue to behave differently.