Eyelash Glue Problems?

The Weather can have a Big Effect on Your Glue.

With the recent hot and humid weather here in the UK it's been a challenging time for those of us using fast lash adhesives. Heat and humidity can cure the glue faster than you can use it, weakening the bond with the natural lash. With more hot weather on the way it's important to keep a check on the conditions in your treatment room so you can be aware of what you are dealing with. 

A therma-hygrometer lets you see at a glance whether the conditions are likely to affect your treatment. If the pointer is in the dark blue zone and the temperature is above 24ºC your glue will cure very quickly. Make sure you keep the glue in a cool dark place and if you have air-con or a dehumidifier you can use them to control the atmosphere until the needle drops into the green zone. You can also switch to Medium Glue to give yourself a bit more working time with the same strength. 

It's tempting to put the glue in the fridge, and although it can make the glue more useable it will affect the long term strength of the glue if it gets too cold. The ideal place would be a drinks cooler that chills to around 10-12º or a vacuum flask along with a sachet of silica gel crystals to remove any moisture.

You can find our Therma-Hygrometers here, http://goo.gl/ZqufcA

Every treatment room should have one.

Therma-Hygrometer - Humidity Meter for Eyelash Extensions