Which Eyelash Extension Tweezers are the Best for Me?

Choosing the Best Tweezers Can Make a Huge Difference

There are so many different types of lash extension tweezers that it can be very difficult to know which ones to choose. We have a large range ourselves and we are often asked which type is best for certain types of application.

Straight Tweezers - Within our training we introduce straight tweezers to our students as they are easy to use for pick up of the lashes. They have been designed with a light 'action' specifically to prevent repetitive strain injury from use in the eyelash extension technician's forefinger and thumb as this can become a problem later down the line for some people after years of carrying out the same movement.

Curved Tweezers - For each of our students, we introduce them to curved tweezers to use for isolation. These have been designed with a similar principle to the straight tweezers.

xD Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Nano Straight TweezersIf you are a busy eyelash technician that is finding their current tweezers difficult due to a heavy spring action then these nano straight fine point tweezers could be the solution to all of your problems. We use them for individual pick up and well as isolation as the light spring action and wide serrated body means less strain with constant use.

xD Isolation TweezersAlthough designed for xD Russian, 6D and Volume Eyelash Extension techniques, their short angled precision tips will also be popular for one-on-one application. The fine tips don't get in the way when isolating, allowing more space to work and a less restricted view of the area. Some technicians like to use these tweezers inverted, as pickup tweezers so it is completely up to you if you want to mix it up and try this way of working too.

xD Isolation 50 Degree TweezersWith a slightly steeper 50º angle than the rest of our tweezers and with micro fine tips, these tweezers are perfect to isolate the criss-cross lashes in both the inner and outer corners of the eye. If you're a fan of Dumont Isolation tweezers you're going to love these stainless steel precision tools. This set of tweezers can be used for both xD Russian Volume and Classic Individual lashes but are extremely popular with volume technicians due to their ease of use and the great results that can be achieved with them.

xD Pick Up Tweezers - If you currently use straight tweezers for pick-up, once you get used to these tweezers you will find it difficult to work without them specifically on ultra fine lashes as they can have such a positive impact. The angled precision chisel tip is perfect for picking up and fanning ultra-fine gauge lashes (0.06mm, 0.07mm) without causing any damage to them.  The groove in the neck of these tweezers allows them to close flat at the tip without putting too much pressure on the lash which gives the best results possible.

xD Precision Fan Tweezers - If you find it difficult to get used to the progressive spring action of other tweezers, this option might just be the answer. They meet immediately along the entire head of the tweezer for instant grip, even with light pressure, this makes them suitable for all skill levels for eyelash volume extension treatments from Student to Master. The slight radius on the mirror polished head of the tweezer also helps to spread the fan.

xD Precision Tweezers by the Eyelash Emporium