Tightened Controls on the Sale of Glue to Protect the Lash Industry

Better Training is Essential to the Future Success of Eyelash Extensions

To protect the future of our industry and the safety of clients, lash glues are only being sold to therapists who have taken a proper individual semi-permanent lash course. If the course has content relating to both safety and technique, you can expect it to have been awarded at least 7 CPD points. CPD points can be used as a quick guide to the content of the course, a suitable course will have 12 points or more, Eyelash Emporium courses have 30. 

We are totally committed to raising standards and promoting safe practices in the eyelash extension industry. Checking the qualifications of all new glue buyers and only selling adhesives to fully trained lash technicians helps protect lash clients and the livelihood of qualified therapists. Recently, many new customers have been trying to buy glue with certificates that do not meet the required standard. Nobody likes to turn away sales but our reputation and the future of the treatment means more to us than short term profit.  

When you're looking for eyelash training, it's important to check the accreditation of your trainer before booking your course. Some providers displaying the logo of an accrediting body like the Beauty Guild or BABTAC are either not accredited or accredited for another course, unrelated to eyelash extensions.  You don't only have to train with a major lash brand like the Eyelash Emporium but it's wise to do some homework on a training provider before booking. The major accrediting bodies have lists of approved courses on their websites. If a course has not been accredited by one of the 3 major organisations; The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, BABTAC or CIBTAC it makes sense to ask why not?

Eyelash Extension treatments are growing by over 20% year on year. It's a great opportunity for therapists wanting to increase their income or those wanting to start a lucrative business with low start-up costs. Demand for training is therefore, growing all the time. There is more choice than ever before but there is also a massive difference in the quality of training being offered. Being able to do eyelash extensions is not the same as being able to teach eyelash extensions. Some training providers are cashing in on the boom by offering cheap courses that, in some ways, are worse than not having training at all. Eyelash Extensions are totally safe, if applied correctly. It's the horror stories and pictures of badly applied lashes that grab the headlines and harm us all.

We've all seen the pictures of the damage that can be caused by poorly applied lash extensions. The therapist is often unaware of what they are doing wrong due to incomplete training. They do not have the knowledge and experience to deal with differing lash types and don't know what to do if something goes wrong. Let's face facts, you can't expect to train fully in eyelash extensions in an afternoon, with no follow up or case studies. In-depth training takes time, effort and expense but we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of Lash Artists.

If you're thinking about doing eyelash extensions, please invest in the best training you can get. You will become a safer, better therapist in a shorter time. You can charge the full price for your work and be all set to build a loyal clientele. Any successful lash business relies upon it's repeat business and word of mouth recommendation. Dissatisfied clients may be lost to the treatment for good. That affects the future of all Lash Artists. 

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