Holiday Lashes - how can you make them last?

Our Tips for Looking After Eyelash Extensions at the Beach or Pool

Many of our clients will be asking for a top up before they head off to the beach, but can their lashes last the entire holiday? Follow our advice and most will make it onto the return flight with lashes intact

  • Before doing any infills, clean your client's lashes with protein removal pads or a very weak solution of baby shampoo and lukewarm water. If your client has been wearing eye makeup you may need to do both. It's really important for a long lasting bond for the natural lash to be squeaky clean.
  • Brush through with a mascara wand to dislodge any lashes that are about to drop. The ones that were already attached to mature lashes may not last much longer. Attach to lashes either side so there will not be a big gap when they fall.
  • If your client agrees, do her infills with a gauge lighter than she normally has. Less weight = less strain.

Make sure you give your client the following aftercare advice. 

  • Leave the lashes alone for 24hrs. This will allow the bond to reach it's full strength.
  • Swimming is fine, but very heavily chlorinated water may weaken the glue bond.
  • It seems obvious but remind her to carefully towel dry after swimming, gently dab the eye area. The natural lashes will absorb water and need to dry thoroughly to reach full strength again.
  • Tanning oil and oily sun screen will take lashes straight off, it's the most common cause of holiday lash loss. Be aware of touching or wiping eyes with hands that have been applying oil.
  • If your client is going on a cruise, it's best for her to wash her eyes with bottled or drinking water. The tap water is recycled and heavily treated.

Holiday Eyelash Extension Tips