Red Eyes - How to Avoid Irritation

Sore Eyes Don't Have to be Part of Eyelash Extension Treatments

All eyelash glues are irritants and if vapours come into contact with your client's eyes, it stings. While this irritation is usually minor and passes quickly, it's worth taking extra care to avoid discomfort and reduce the risk of your client going on to become sensitised. Every time your client is irritated it's a step closer to them being prevented from having the treatment altogether.

Your client's eyes must remain completely closed throughout the treatment and until they sit up afterwards. If you are performing an open-eye treatment like express or lower lashes, only use sensitive glues. Glue particles are heavier than air particles and will gather within the orbital bone surface. If your client's eyes have even a small opening at the waterline, irritants can come into contact with the delicate surface of the eye. Follow these simple steps to keep your client comfortable.

  • Relax your client. Explain the procedure fully and the importance of keeping their eyes closed. Ask them not to have caffeinated drinks; Coffee, Tea or energy drinks before treatment. These make them fidget and cause rapid eye movement that disturbs the seal. If you offer your client a drink before treatment; make it a herbal tea or water.
  • Make your client comfortable. Give them a minute or two to settle when they lie down. We use travel pillows to support the neck, it helps. At regular intervals, give your client a chance to adjust their position. Some clients may find it uncomfortable to be lying in one position too long. A top tip is to place a folder towel under your client's knees to release any pressure and therefore make them more comfortable.
  • When you tape your client's lower lashes, take care not to put the tape too high. Check that the eyelid is fully closed, if not; reapply the tape. The same applies to Lint-Free Under-Eye Patches, don't place them so high that they stop the eyelid from closing. If they don't fit nicely, cut them a  few times at right angles to the back edge so that they conform fully to the eye. Take your time to get this part right. If correctly applied, clients will enjoy a relaxing treatment.
  • Some client's like to chat. By all means talk to them but try to avoid the conversation getting too animated. Animated clients would be ideal for playing calming music in the background.
  • When you have finished the treatment, always ask your clients to sit upright before opening their eyes. This is usually enough to clear any glue vapours that have gathered in the well of the eye. We recommend using a desk fan facing in the opposite direction of the client to suck any remaining glue vapours away as well as making sure your room is well ventilated. We recommend a minimum of 5 minutes rest time after the treatment to avoid any glue vapour entering the eye.

Until the glue has fully cured, a small amount of vapour will still be given off. Weather conditions, temperature and humidity, have an effect on the glue curing time. On dry days it can take much longer for the glue to fully set so vapours will be given off for longer. You can speed the process by using a nebuliser after treatment but take care. If you try to push the glue too much it will start to boil and give off tiny particles that settle back on the surface. This is visible as a white powder and is known as 'blooming'. This doesn't affect the strength too much but it can leave your client's lashes looking dull and chalky. The tiny particles can also get into the eye and become a potential source of irritation.

By following these procedures, your clients be less likely to develop sensitivity.

Avoiding Eyelash Extension Irritation