Express Treatment Aftercare Checklist

The first 24 hours are critical – you must allow the adhesive time to dry and form that strong, durable bond. Follow the rules below and your lashes will be A list ready for longer:

  • Avoid steam, heat, water and UV light directly on the lashes – asking your client to wash their hair before their appointment can help prevent lash loss.

After the initial 24 hours, follow these golden rules to help keep the fluff:

  • What is your client’s lifestyle like? Steam doesn’t just mean a sauna – ovens, dishwashers, kettles and irons form steam and can damage the bond.
  • Sweat can affect the glue bond so lashes are the perfect excuse avoid the gym, house work, and any other sweaty activity!
  • Oil based products on or around the eyes will gradually break down the bond, causing lashes to come off quicker than they should. Everyday culprits such as waxy eye liners and eye pencils should be used sparingly.
  • Buy an oil free eye make up remover from your lash tech and clean your lashes daily – contrary to popular belief it will help your lashes last longer as they will not be weighed down with dirt and debris.
  • If you must use mascara to fill those little gaps, use a water-based product which is easy to remove – not waterproof mascara which makes lash techs cry!
  • Lash curlers will break the extensions so please don’t use them.
  • You cannot comb or brush through express lashes as this will pull them off.
  • Express lashes cannot be tinted or lifted – these procedures need to take place at least 72 hours prior to your express lash treatment to prevent compromising lash health.