GDL Top Tips

GDL Top Tips

Our GDL training course has been expertly designed by lash loving professionals, however they are constantly experimenting with different techniques in order to give artists and clients the best results;

Here are their Top Tips for a successful Gravity Defying Lash Lift:

1. Timings…

By continuously testing and pushing our products to the maximum, we have found that timings have a huge impact on lash lift results. 

Type of Lash

Scene 1 Define

Scene 2 Set


Scene 3 Nourish

Fine, Weak

10 min

10 min

5 min

2 min

Medium, Short

12 min

12 min

5 min

2 min

Long, Medium

14 min

14 min

5 min

2 min

Long, Coarse

15 min

15 min

5 min

2 min


2. Feel the heat…

The addition of heat in our lash lift to both Scene 1 and 2 allows for the product to work to its maximum potential. Think of it in comparison to styling your hair, you wouldn’t be able to straighten it with a cold pair of hair straighteners would you!

Rub the Define & Set sachets to warm them before opening. This helps to activate the products and ensure all ingredients are mixed together before application.

You can also create heat for your Gravity Defying Lashes treatment by using cotton pads over the eyes and to then cover with a towel, which is also more comfortable for your client!

3. Using the correct amount of product…

Some might think that by using more product you will see better results, but we have found by using less product, placed onto the correct area of the shield, a more consistent result will be achieved.

By using less product, you will prevent over-processing your lashes AND save product.

When applying the product, you should still be able to see the lashes through it. You should also only be applying the product closest to the lash line and up to the middle part of the lashes; applying Scene 1 and 2 to the whole lash area can cause damage, however it is completely fine to apply the tint and nourishing solution to the whole lash space.

4. Don’t create a barrier…

Remember when you’re bonding your lashes to the shield not to over do it. Too much bonder can create a barrier that prevents Scene 1 and 2 solutions from working effectively. We understand that lashes can be stubborn during the bonding stage, and this is why we suggest working in small sections to lift the lashes onto the shield to use a smaller amount of bonder.

If you haven't trained in GDL yet but are interested, you can find more information about it here.


Team GDL X