How To Confidently Sell To Your Clients

Do you find retailing lash extension aftercare or upselling other treatments hard?
We hear a lot of people say they’re embarrassed, they feel they are being pushy or even dread talking to their clients about retail items or new treatments.
Selling doesn’t need to be scary! We’re going to help you find the way that is right for you to be able to get that extra cash in your till this Christmas and beyond. Together we will talk about working smarter not harder. Let’s face it the past two years have been hard enough!
A very smart person once said to us that our clients want our help, they want us to help manage their lives. So, keep that in mind as you’re reading this blog.
Selling Products During Treatment
In our industry our job is people, so let’s get comfortable talking to them. We manage to chat to our clients about all manner of topic. From what we’re watching on TV, to what we’re having for our tea! So let’s talk to them about some important stuff that will make a difference to them and us…
Firstly, let’s talk about products. Does this give you a nervous belly? Well, it shouldn’t! You aren’t trying to sell- you’re trying to enhance the client experience (and, also making your job easier the next time they visit)!
Let’s base this on a lash treatment. Sophie comes to get her lashes done with you. We want Sophie to be our ideal client, we want her to come to her appointment with clean lashes, each and every time. How can we do that? One way is to teach her how at the beginning of the appointment.
Step 1: As soon as you begin the client’s treatment start talking through what you are using - this is a great route into selling our foaming Lash Cleanser.
Step 2: Plant the seed! Talk your clients through the benefits of cleaning their lashes and how the bubbles in the foam are going to work in the lash line like little soldiers cleaning away dirt and oil – helping their retention. Explain how taking 5 minutes to do exactly as you’re doing right now every morning will make so much difference and is essential to the health and safety of the eyes and lashes. Honestly seed planted, sale made! The client doesn’t feel like you’ve sold them a Lash Cleansing Kit they just know they need one for their lashes to last longer.
We can all do this because we can all talk to our clients can’t we? If we can do it with something simple like Lash Cleanser then we can do it with other things too!
Selling Products At Till Point
Another great example is items by checkouts in shops. Have you ever noticed when you are out shopping that there are always things you think you need by the till? Well, you probably don’t really need them, but they are put there for that very reason! A staggering 83% of people say they feel either pestered by their kids to buy or impelled themselves to grab something from the treats by the tills.
What can we as beauty businesses learn from this? If you have retail, it’s a good place to have a display. People will always be compelled to grab something whilst they are waiting for you to book their next appointment or take payment. It’s human nature! So, get your small items by your point of sale!
Another good place is in the reception area, people can ponder on things whilst they wait then it creates questions and conversation they can bring to you whilst they are having their treatment.
Get Product Into Clients’ Hands
Don’t worry if you are a mobile tech, you can do these things too. We know how beautiful you setups are as we see them on your social pages! Whilst you set up for your treatment this is your time to get out your retail items, display them with the products you are using, talk to your client about them and be excited to tell them you bought them especially for them to look at. Let them touch and feel them too.
Did you know it is also proven that when we experience something with our senses, we are more likely to purchase it? Think about when you walk through a department store, and you get caught by someone spraying perfume or aftershave. Again, they do this for a reason! If we look, feel, smell it, it ignites our senses and makes us more inclined to purchase. Give it a try!
Why not try a Christmas shopping event? This is a great way to create conversation, and people love it! You can offer them all their gift solutions in one place. You don’t just have to stick to lash related items – have a think about other seasonal items your clients may like to see from you – how about candles or bath bombs?
Upselling Your Treatments
Are you trying to get more new clients and working hard to do this? If you just stop working so hard on trying to get more clients (which is probably costing you a lot in marketing too!) and work a bit smarter and focus on the extremely loyal clients, you do have for a second it can make all the difference. But how? Ryan Powers from Salonology shared with us just how simple it is.
We want them to spend more! If you could have even two or three of you clients having not just having one treatment per month but two imagine the difference that could make!
We have been doing this within salon with our clients simply just by asking the question when rebooking their appointments, we’re offering a treatment of the month i.e. a half price brow wax (this could be anything! I always think about something low cost to you).
A big opportunity not to miss is also never let a client leave without re booking!!
Implement booking systems, remember what we said earlier? Our clients want us to plan for them! Plan their appointments in advance, can you put them on a lash infill course so they pay you in advance? We’re using our new booking system to let our clients know all of our therapists availability. If we have an offer on they are the first to know about it – make them feel special!
Try some or all of these tips and let us know how you get on. And remember, selling isn’t just for Christmas – try these tips throughout 2022 and let make this a great year for our industry!
Remember, you’
re just talking! You do that every day. If you think of it like that it wont feel scary I promise.
Good Luck & Merry Christmas – Nikki Murphy, Brand Educator x