Introducing the Winners of Lash Festival 2016!

Introducing the Winners of Lash Festival 2016!

This year’s Lash Festival was a huge success with hundreds of lash technicians showing off their fantastic lash skills in three specific categories. The winners were decided by public vote. We've been catching up with all of the crowned entrants to find out how they're feeling about their recent achievement.

“I am totally overwhelmed to have come first and can't thank my friends, family, clients and strangers(!) enough for their support. 

I already boast a huge client base but this will hopefully continue to help us grow even more. Thank you for the opportunity to show the world my work!” – Tania Withers, Individual Category Winner

As a salon owner and trainer Tania is extremely passionate about her work and this is shown with her final results. Her winning image was a huge hit throughout the competition with judges and voters alike. Tania's entry was a beautiful natural set of lashes that she created with a strong flick to the outer edge to give them a truly glamorous feel.

“I feel so privileged to be a winner in this year’s Lash Festival competition. I am humbled and proud at the same time.

To be found worthy by my peers and the overwhelming support from my family and clientele, this has cemented my belief in myself.

I live in a small regional town in the Mid-West of Western Australia working from my home-based salon so sometimes feel isolated from the Lash community. Hopefully I have played a part in putting Geraldton on the map, regarding quality eyelash extensions and Lash art.” – Kathryn Leeman, xD Russian Volume Category Winner

xD Russian Volume has become hugely popular in recent years and designs evolve with each and every lash artist that enters the field. With her striking ombre effect lash creation - Kathryn is a prime example of a technician who has a flare for design.

“I am very happy to have participated in an event as prestigious as Lash Festival. My participation in it was totally spontaneous. Winning has come as a great surprise to me; I never expected to achieve the Master title. A lot of very talented lash technicians from all over the world took place in this competition – all the more reason for me to feel honoured for winning the first place. It is a wonderful feeling to have people praise me and join me in my happiness. Lash application is my greatest passion as I love making women beautiful. Thanks to winning the Lash Festival I will become more recognised as a lash technician and be able to expand my business.” - Magdalena Wojnowska, Ultimate Volume Category Winner

Right from the start of the voting it was clear that this set of Ultimate Volume lashes by Magdalena was a firm favourite. A truly beautiful set of lashes due to the precision of application and bouncy, fluffy appeal of the finished look.

Congratulations to all those who entered into the 2016 Lash Festival competition, we hope you have a fantastic start to your year and are looking forward to Lash Festival 2017!