Lash Festival 2013


This year's Lash Festival has been amazing. We've launched xD Eyelash Extension Training, 4 new thicknesses in our Platinum Edition Mink Tray Lashes and; with 580 sets of lashes entered, from 27 countries, The Lash Festival 2013 Eyelash Extension Competition is the biggest of it's kind in the world.

What a competition we've had! After 18 days of public voting it still wasn't decided until the final minutes. Early leaders Christina Kruse Davidsen of Denmark and Donna Nadin of the UK were caught by Silvia Gonçalves of Portugal and our eventual winner Loralii (Laura Tormala) of France with a final total of 1387 votes. Congratulations to Loralii and huge respect for all the shortlisted finalists, the quality of the work entered was absolutely fantastic. Click on the names below to see their competition entries.

The Final Results were:

  1. Loralii . . Laura Törmälä - France
  2. Donna Nadin - England
  3. Silvia Gonçalves - Portugal
  4. Christina Kruse Davidsen - Denmark
  5. Alina Cugnova - Ireland
  6. Marisol Longworth - Scotland
  7. Tami Warren - USA
  8. Emma Sargeant - England
  9. Laura Sketchley - England
  10. Lana Verovenko - England
  11. Megan Hopkins - England
  12. Jagrup Kaur Dhillon Rampuri - Norway

We hope you have enjoyed comparing the technique of Lashers around the world. Lots of you have told us how much you like to see them on our Pinterest Page so we'll be keeping these pictures up as a reference throughout the year.

With over 500 sets of eyelash extensions entered in this year's contest this is now the World's Largest Eyelash Extension Competition and we are already thinking of ways to make it even better next year. Make sure you get some good before and after pictures and save them up for Lash Festival 2014.