Life after your GDL Lash Lift...

Life after your GDL Lash Lift...

In 2018, The Eyelash Emporium premiered GDL- Gravity Defying Lashes, the ultimate lash lift. Lash lifts have taken over the beauty industry and it's rapidly becoming a go-to treatment. It’s even starting to replace mascara. It’s a natural lash enhancement which is quick to perform and low in maintenance, giving you beautifully defined lashes…not just defined, but thicker, fuller and longer lashes.  These are becoming the most popular treatment in the beauty industry and celebrities are loving them too! Can you blame them?

So, with these naturally beautiful lashes which are low in maintenance, cost effective, long lasting and does not harm your natural lashes. How should you take care of them after your treatment?

Within the first 24 hours of your GDL, they need a little TLC to ensure you receive maximum results from your lash lift. It’s important to follow the correct aftercare treatment as your lashes are delicate after lifting.

Avoid getting your lashes wet and keep away from hot steam

    Do not directly immerse your head under water as this can cause the lashes to drop. Also, steer clear from hot steam so no showers, no saunas, no swimming and no Jacuzzis. Only for 24 hours though, you can still enjoy the jacuzzi on the weekend. Sunbeds should be avoided as the heat can breakdown the lift. 

    No touching…

      Avoid excessively brushing your lashes in the first 24 hours as it can break down the GDL Lash Lift formula. We want to ensure your lashes are lifted lusciously for 8 weeks, so hands off! No rubbing or touching your eye area as this could potentially weaken the lift too.

      Au naturel – no painting those eyes

        During a GDL, it is usual to have a tint which darkens the lash colour and creates a thicker appearance. Not that you will need it, but no mascara, eye makeup or eyelash curlers for the first 24 hours. Honestly, you’ll probably ditch the mascara and curlers once you discover a lash lift, trust us we have! But, the beauty of a GDL Lash Lift is that you can still wear eye makeup, so if you’re going out and wanted an intensified look, just swipe that mascara onto those lifted lashes. If you use eye makeup, please use oil free products to remove makeup. To brush your lashes, use a clean mascara wand after getting them wet to ensure they dry in their correct position.

        Sleeping beauty

          Ok let’s have some pillow talk. It’s important to note how you sleep because sleeping with lashes pressed directly onto your pillow, sleeping face down or sleeping on the side can cause lashes to distort. So maybe try sleeping on your back and propping some pillows up underneath your head. FYI, it’s supposedly one the healthiest sleeping position because it allows your neck, back and spine to rest in a neutral position. So lash lifts are actually contributing to a healthier sleep position, right?