Our Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Tweezers

Your tweezers really ARE the tools of your trade, and you need to look after them. Here's our top tips for keeping your tools safe:

  • Store them properly – keep the little plastic tube which protects the tip and put them in a soft pouch or wallet to keep them well cushioned.
  • Keep them free from adhesive by cleansing after every use with lash remover and dry them well before use.
  • Use Filecide to sanitise and disinfect – spray and leave rather than spray and wipe as the product will be more effective.
  • If you put your lashes into Barbicide sanitising fluid, ALWAYS cushion the base of the jar with a cotton pad, and NEVER leave them in the solution for longer than 20 minutes as it will affect their pick up abilities.
  • Don’t drop them!

If I damaged my tweezers I would be lost, I have spent many hours working with them and therefore know their unique sweet point to pick up and hold my lashes.

Even at entry level, replacing your tools will cost money, and when you’re a lash tech it’s PERSONAL – it could really spell disaster if you have DROPPED YOUR FAVOURITE PAIR OF TWEEZERS and have a whole day of lashing ahead of you!