Presenting Dumonts

We're very excited to announce we now have Dumont tweezers in stock! 

So what are Dumont Tweezers?

Dumonts are made in Switzerland from a high quality steel. The ergonomical shape of Dumont tweezers allows therapist to hold them with ease.

What treatments can Dumonts be used for?

Dumonts are a must have tool for all advanced lash therapists, especially those carrying out volume tweezers. 

What technique do Dumonts work best for?

As they're lightweight and have precision tips, they're ideal for creating fluffy fans, especially if you're a 'wiggle fan'. 

How do I care for my Dumont tweezers?

1. Do not soak in antibacterial liquid (i.e. Barbicide) as there is risk of tweezers rusting. We recommend using Filecide to clean over the surface of the tweezers.

2. When Dumonts aren't in use, always ensure the tips are protected with the rubber protector (provided at purchase).

3. DO NOT drop your Dumonts - their delicate tips will loose their precision instantly. 

What do our leading ladies say?

Each and every on of our Dumont tweezers are tech approved - just read our educators thoughts below. 

Sonia Gapper (Chippenham Educator) says "Every fan I make with my Dumonts are seamless and fluffy. They work with the different techniques to build fans - but they are perfect with the wiggle technique - they're my new favourite lash accessory!"

Jo McGovern (Northants & Birmingham Educator) says "My Dumonts have helped me to perfect my fans and master the wiggle technique! I now use them for classic lashing too - I find them so easy to use - they're a great size, weight and quality."

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