Mastering Volume Lashes: The Ultimate Guide for Lash Technicians

Mastering Volume Lashes: The Ultimate Guide for Lash Technicians

As a lash technician, staying on top of the latest lash extension techniques is crucial to provide exceptional service to your clients. Among the many options available, xD Russian Volume Lashes stands out as a game-changing technique that delivers unparalleled volume and glamour. It is the perfect lash treatment for clients wanting to achieve a more dramatic yet lightweight look. This complete guide helps lash technicians like you master the art of Russian volume lashes, from understanding the technique to perfecting the application process. Get ready to elevate your skills and create stunning lash transformations for your clients.


xD Russian Volume Lashes involve applying multiple superfine eyelash extensions to a single natural lash. Unlike classic lash extensions, which follow a 1:1 ratio, this technique allows for a fuller, denser and more dramatic lash set. The lightweight nature of these extensions ensures comfort and natural-looking results.


The key to achieving flawless volume lashes lies in creating beautifully crafted lash fans.

  • Select the appropriate number of extensions for each fan based on the desired volume and the client's natural lashes.
  • Use volume lash tweezers to pick up the extensions, making sure they are evenly fanned out.
  • Pinch the base of the extensions together gently, creating a solid foundation for the fan.
  • Gradually close the tweezers while maintaining a gentle grip to create a seamless and voluminous fan.

Consistency and practice will help you achieve uniformity.


Prep & Prime: Begin by thoroughly cleansing the client's natural lashes, and removing any makeup, oils, or residue. This step ensures a clean surface for proper adhesive adhesion.

Lash Extension Selection: Choose the appropriate lashes based on the client's desired look and the condition of their natural lashes. Opt for thinner lash extensions ranging from 0.03mm to 0.10mm in diameter for Russian volume lashes.

Application: Dip a fan into a small amount of adhesive, ensuring only the base is coated. Attach the fan extension to the isolated natural lash, close to the lash line, creating a fan-like effect. Repeat this step to attach multiple extensions to each natural lash. Ensure proper isolation of each lash to prevent stickies and ensure a seamless and full look.

Drying Time: The adhesive needs time to cure and dry. During this period, ensure that the lash extensions are properly positioned and separated to achieve a natural and voluminous look. Advise the client to keep their eyes closed to avoid any discomfort.

Perfect The Set: Brush through the lashes to ensure they are evenly distributed, and fluff them up for a flawless.


Giving your clients the proper aftercare instructions is essential to extend the longevity and appearance of their lash extensions. Here are some suggestions for aftercare:

  • Educate clients on the importance of using oil-free makeup removers specifically designed for eyelash extensions. Oil-based removers can weaken the adhesive bond, leading to premature lash shedding.
  • Advise clients to use a gentle, oil-free cleanser specifically formulated for eyelash extensions. This will help them remove makeup, dirt, and oils without compromising the adhesive bond.
  • Accentuate the significance of washing the lashes every night and brushing them with a fresh spoolie to maintain a polished appearance and prevent dirt buildup.
  • Clients should be reminded not to pick at or pull on their lash extensions, as this can cause damage to both the extensions and their natural lashes.

Lash maintenance also includes lash refills. Discuss the necessity of maintaining the fullness and lifespan of the lash extensions with regular refill treatments every 2-3 weeks. Help your clients realise the importance of lash refills in maintaining their lashes looking their best.


Personalisation: Invest time in understanding your client's desired aesthetic and adapt the lash style to their specific preferences. Chat with them about lash length, curl, and thickness options, ensuring that you achieve the desired outcome while maintaining a flattering and appealing look.

Skilful Application: Pay careful attention to the unique eye shape and natural lash pattern of each client. Utilise your expertise to craft a lash set that enhances their eyes and complements their individual features.

Continuous Learning: Remain up-to-date with the latest techniques, trends, and products in the lash industry. Participate in workshops, training sessions, and conferences to continuously refine your skills and offer the highest level of service to your clients.


If you are already trained in classic lashes and want to advance your technique and gain further information, xD Russian Volume Lash training is the perfect next step.

Our famed xD Russian Volume Lashes Training will provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques to become a skilled and confident eyelash technician. Through this training course, you will learn fan creation techniques, gain extensive product knowledge and acquire the skills to provide exceptional aftercare. By embarking on this training journey, you will unlock numerous opportunities for a fulfilling career in the beauty industry, where you can unleash your creativity and leave a lasting impact on your clients.

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With a solid understanding of xD Russian Volume Lashes and the right techniques, you can take your lash artistry to the next level. By mastering fan creation, perfecting the application process, and providing clients with proper aftercare guidance, you'll be able to deliver stunning lash transformations that will leave them feeling confident and beautiful. Embrace the art of xD Russian Volume Lashes and watch your skills as a lash technician flourish.