Train with The Eyelash Emporium - Do What You LOVE, LOVE What You Do!

Train with The Eyelash Emporium - Do What You LOVE, LOVE What You Do!

In the month of February we are focusing on all things LOVE. 

What could be a better subject to discuss than the thing that drives us and is in the heart of everything we do - EDUCATION!

In this month’s blog Nikki is going to tell you what it is about education she LOVES so much! And she will discuss what you can expect on our training days – so if you’re thinking about training with us, read on…

Nikki says; “I absolutely love learning – I always feel you can learn something from everyone you meet. This could be in your work, personal or just day to day life. The lash industry is ever changing and evolving so it is essential to continue your student journey. This doesn’t matter if you are a new lash tech, an experienced lash artist or a lash guru teaching others – here is always something to learn!

Training courses are obviously a fantastic way to learn but there are also many other great ways too. Workshops, mentoring, following your favourite educators or lash idols on social media or reading blogs.

I love our courses and how passionate our educators are. It’s so important when looking for someone to train with, that you do your research. Make sure you don’t just go for the cheapest option. Research the company, the educator, look at pictures of their work.  

Go for a company that has a good balance of theory and practical. I really like the fact that you receive an online pre-course with The Eyelash Emporium.
This gives students the chance to get an insight and learn a lot of the theory at their own pace before they attend the training day. This means we get so much more time for hands-on practical lashing too with models, so students leave confident ready to tackle their case studies.

On a day’s training I always get butterflies on the morning. This is mainly as I’m a massive perfectionist and I want my students to have the best day and for them to get everything out of it they had hoped for.

We start the training with a recap of the theory students have learned in the pre-course prior to coming and we get them picking up lashes straightaway to get them used to their new best friends – their tweezers. 

We then move on to mannequin work to gain confidence whilst all the time continuing to build theory knowledge. After lunch this is when we move to an afternoon of live model work. It’s an intense day but it prepares you for your cases studies.

Watching the students on the day is amazing as they come in so nervous, and they leave feeling so much calmer and excited to start practicing.

Book your lash training course online today or by calling our Customer Services team on 01753 650656.

I hope to see some of you on one of our training courses or mentoring soon!”

Nikki x