Training to be an Eyelash Technician: Week 1

I should probably start by introducing myself as that seems like the best place to begin. My name is Amy and I have recently started working for The Eyelash Emporium. I have always taken a great interest in beauty so when the job opportunity arose I jumped at the chance. I am the one who will often be replying to your queries via Facebook or working on the website adding new products, so basically my job involves nothing to do with the application itself. 

Since starting work here I have become completely obsessed with eyelash extensions just like everyone else in the office is! They look amazing and the different styles and designs that can be created fascinate me. So when I was told I would be completing the training just like all the other girls in the office have done I was over the moon! I couldn’t wait to get started and was constantly asking my friends if they would want lash extensions once I had passed.

Now you might think that from working at The Eyelash Emporium, it would be easier to pass and the trainers here might be a bit easier on us. As great as that would be that is very far from the truth. The head trainer here, Donna, has an unbelievable eye for detail like no one I’ve ever known before and is extremely critical to make sure that all of the safety rules and procedures are applied to with every case study she analyses. Therefore, I know that as soon as I start my training she will be hotter than ever on my technique knowing that I already know the reasons why the health and safety rules are put in place.

Next week I have my training day with some other newbies to the world of eyelash extensions and although we are all really excited to get started, we are of course nervous because we really want to do well. Throughout the process I will be giving a week by week account of how I am progressing because I know how many questions we receive on a daily basis about the training and know many potential students will love to know what is involved. So stay with me and hopefully you will see me go from digital geek to fabulous eyelash technician!