Lash Festival 15 - The Results

New World Lash Masters are Crowned After a Thrilling Final Round

With 120,000 visits and over 80,000 votes cast in Lash Festival '15 amazing eyelash competition the titles hung in the balance right up until the final day of voting. Each of the 20 finalists in each category had been selected by an International panel of judges to ensure that this was the ultimate display of lash expertise. Any one of the contestants could have been crowned a worthy winner but after 2 weeks of fierce competition the outcome was decided on 23rd December. The new World Individual Lash Master was announced as Kimberley O'Beirne from Australia and Daria Ziolkowska from Nuneaton, England as World Volume Lash Master 2016.

The competition shows just how far this treatment has come in the last few years. It's inspired us to try new looks, new techniques and try even harder to create the perfect set of eyelashes. We've gained some new clients who didn't realise that this treatment could look so good and the contestants are now getting the recognition that they deserve for their efforts. Lash Festival is all about letting the world know that eyelash extensions are a safe and sustainable mainstream beauty treatment and benefiting good Lash Artists everywhere.

Here are the final rankings of Lash Festival 15.

Lash Festival Results