When To Prime Lashes

When To Prime Lashes

There is much debate within our industry as to whether you should use lash primer – but when you would prime a face before make-up application and prime a wall before painting it to ensure the best results, why wouldn’t you prime natural lashes before applying extensions?

Let’s discuss how and when to use eyelash primer, who to use lash primer on, and the benefits from doing so.

What is eyelash primer?

Lash primer is pre-treatment before the application of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Specifically formulated to prepare the surface of the natural lash before beginning the lash treatment, eyelash primer provides an optimal PH level which encourages the bond between the natural lash and lash extension. It works by opening up the cuticle layer, making the surface of the lash rougher. This causes the glue to adhere to the natural lash better, creating a better bond between the natural and artificial lash, resulting in better retention.

Who is the best client for lash extensions primer?

The perfect client to use lash primer on would be someone with naturally oily lashes or skin, as well as any client that experiences retention issues. Due to the eyelash primer optimising the PH levels and oils in the cuticle layer, we wouldn’t recommend using the primer on a client with very dry or frail lashes – as they’re unlikely to need help combatting excess oils. 

How to use eyelash primer step by step

  1. It is important to remember that you should only use eyelash primer on the natural lashes and carry out the pre-treatment after you have cleansed the lashes.
  1. If you’re wondering how much lash primer to use – less is more! Aim to apply a small amount of primer, the size of a grain of rice, to your jade stone.
  1. Use a micro applicator to pick up the eyelash primer in one hand and have a dry micro applicator in the other hand.
  1. 2ml from the base, drag the eyelash primer all the way through the natural lashes, holding the dry micro applicator underneath to support.
  1. Finally, use a mascara wand to distribute the lash primer through the lashes, keeping the micro applicator underneath to protect the eye. If you’ve used too much, don’t worry! You can use a tissue to dab off any visible excess lash primer.

Results of using lash primer

If you start using an eyelash primer on clients with oily lashes, or those clients who experience retention issues, you should really see a positive difference in the results of their treatments.

The Eyelash Emporium’s Preview Pre-Treatment Lash Primer has been reviewed as one of the best eyelash extension primers within the industry, focusing on encouraging a strong adhesion in the treatment as well as cleaning the lashes.

Balancing oils and PH levels and creating a stronger bond between the natural and artificial lash should mean your clients' semi-permanent lashes last longer, increasing their retention time and the number of happy clients you have!

Do you have any comments or advice when it comes to eyelash primer for eyelash extensions or the best lash primer to use? Let us know.