Why You Should Be Offering A Lash Lift Treatment...

Although we live and breathe eyelash extensions, it’s not always the treatment of choice for some. If you have clients that aren’t looking for lash extensions, but want their natural lashes to appear fuller and longer, a lash lift is a great alternative.

Our latest Gravity Defying Lash (GDL) treatment lifts and extends the natural lashes from the root, giving an instant fuller effect and high-impact look that can last up to 8 weeks. This is an attractive selling point to those clients that have busy lifestyles and don’t have the time to maintain eyelash extensions. Not only this, but 59% of women have claimed to prefer the natural makeup look, including 54% of millennial beauty consumers*.

A GDL treatment has many benefits for both lash artist and client;

  • It saves you both time!

A lash lift can save you time all round, from the appointment itself to your morning routine. We consider it to be a lunchtime treatment under an hour, therefore a much quicker procedure meaning you can see more clients!

For clients, a GDL treatment means there is no need for mascara due to having a lash tint as part of the process – this will help to save time in their morning makeup routine.

  • 1-day course and you’re qualified!

A GDL training course can be done within a full day, including both theoretical and practical parts. This allows for you to quickly implement the treatment into your portfolio and clients won’t have to wait too long to be able to get a gorgeous lash lift!

  • Cost effective!

Depending on your area, you can charge between £35 - £55 for a GDL treatment, which is a lot cheaper for clients compared to eyelash extensions/maintenance.


As a business, consumers want choice and by offering an alternative where possible could help with customer retention. If one of your clients is looking for a treatment that you can’t offer, they will end up going elsewhere. Lash lifts are becoming increasingly popular across many brands/salons; embracing new treatments will help to improve the growth of your business and expand your client base!