Classic Lashes

      7 products

      7 products

      Scroll stopping lashes with a darker, denser and more dramatic finish. Our lashes are so super soft, and lightweight – you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Easy to work with, whatever your technique, these next-level lashes will deliver next-level selfies!

      Each individual length tray contains 16 strips – over 3,000 lashes!
      Each mixed length tray contains 16 strips in lash lengths 7mm-16mm.


      • Made from an enhanced PBT - providing a dense, darker appearance
      • Super soft and lightweight
      • Foil-backed strips
      • Curl, Thickness and Length labelled across each lash strip
      • Reduced plastic packaging with new card box
      • Packaging has a dropdown side for easy lash pickup
      • Vegan
      • Cruelty-free – all our lashes are vetro tested meaning no animals have taken part in the creation of our lashes


      • B-Curl – A fit-focused curl with straighter base. Use with super curly natural lashes to attach from the underside and counteract the curl.
      • C-Curl – Our C-Curl is our go-to curl for universally fluttering lashes.
      • CC-Curl – Forget the filters – you won’t need them with our CC-Curl. More is more with this versatile lash curl.
      • D-Curl – Mesmer-Eyes with our dramatic D-Curl – for clients who want that camera-ready, full glam look.
      • L-Curl – Create a scroll-stopping, dramatic look with our L-Curl lashes. Ideal for naturally straight lashes or hooded eyes, the longer base of the L-Curl lash gives maximum surface area for adhesion, giving the theatrical, eye-opening effect of a dramatic lash lift.
      • M-Curl – #TrendAlert, it’s time to meet your match with our M-Curl lashes. This easy-to-wear curl hides hooded lids and really defines the eye.

      Flat Lashes

      Flat lashes are oval at the base rather than round like your normal classic lash. Our flat eyelash extensions have a larger surface area to adhere to the natural lash and give you a wide range of features and benefits. From increased retention, increased volume giving the illusion of thicker, darker lashes without the extra weight as well as adding extra texture and ‘fluffiness’. Our Flat Lash extensions are available C-Curl 0.15mm weight which will give the effect of a 0.20mm lash without damaging the natural lash, our flat lashes are also available in a range of lengths.