Classic Lashes

      16 products

      16 products

      Be red-carpet ready with our Full Screen Classic Lashes, delivering an Oscar-winning performance every time. Create a defined, fuller and more textured natural set of individual lashes with our Eyelash Emporium Full Screen Classic Lashes.

      Our premium individual lash trays are perfect for creating a semi-permanent lash set of your clients’ dreams. Our Full Screen Classic Lashes will help you achieve a denser, fuller lash look, as our lashes have a strong depth of colour and are hand finished in South Korea, ensuring quality in each lash. All our lashes are made from PBT, an advanced polymer that is super soft, light and silky, but deceptively tough, helping the lash hold its curl.

      Our Full Screen Classic Individual Lash Trays are available in:

      • B-Curl, C-Curl, CC-Curl, D-Curl, J-Curl & L-Curl
      • Available in thicknesses 0.12mm, 0.15mm and 0.18mm
      • Available in both mixed lash trays & individual lash length trays from 7-15mm
      • Flat C-Curl Lashes available in 0.15 & 0.20mm thicknesses
      • We recommend using our Epic Medium Viscosity Adhesive or for a faster drying time use our Blockbuster Ultra Platinum Adhesive

      Flat Lashes

      Flat lashes are oval at the base rather than round like your normal classic lash. Our flat eyelash extensions have a larger surface area to adhere to the natural lash and give you a wide range of features and benefits. From increased retention, increased volume giving the illusion of thicker, darker lashes without the extra weight as well as adding extra texture and ‘fluffiness’. Our Flat Lash extensions are available C-Curl 0.15mm weight which will give the effect of a 0.20mm lash without damaging the natural lash, our flat lashes are also available in a range of lengths.