Special Effects Pre-Made Fans

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      20 products



      Deliver an Oscar-winning performance with our Special Effects Pre-Made Fans. Create full coverage, volume lash looks with our heat bonded pre-made fans.

      Our pre-made volume fans are the easiest way to create a fuller lash look in less time – they give the appearance of hand-made fans without the skill needed to create them. If you’re not trained in Russian Volume our pre-made volume lashes can be used to create an isolated volume look in 90 minutes. Alternatively, our fans can be used to create an express volume look in 30 minutes.

      With over 32 variants our pre-made lash fans are ideal for creating maximum impact on a variety of eye shapes and lash profiles.

      Our Special Effects Pre-Made Fans are available in:

      • C-Curl & D-Curl
      • 3D, 4D, 5D & 6D
      • Lengths - Short - 7,8,9mm, Medium - 10,11,12mm and Long - 13,14,15mm
      • Long Stem, Short Stem and Mixed Bases

      Long Stem VS Short Stem Pre-Made Fans:

      What's the difference between short and long stem pre-made fans? The short stem pre-made fans are widespread, giving a delicate fluffy lash effect. These pre-made volume fans are great for filling a sparse natural lash. For added va va voom, long stem pre-made fans are key. Long stem pre-made fans are tightly held together to give lashes density and fullness from the base, creating an eyeliner effect. Use the long stem and short stem pre-made fans together to create an intense, dense volume lash look along the lash line that still has a weightless, fluffy finish at the tips.


      Top tip: When picking up Pre-Made Fans, always use a curved tweezer – it will make your life a lot easier!

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