Top Tips for Ensuring your Clients Enjoy Long-Lasting Holiday Lashes

Holiday season is finally upon us and your clients are no doubt booking in for fabulous eyelash extensions in preparation for their time away. Make sure you inform them about the common holiday activities that can shorten the life of the glue bond. By doing so, not only can they take precautions to ensure long-lasting lashes, but they will also understand the reasons for the reduced life span instead of potentially doubting your abilities as a technician.

When a client books in for their treatment, it is wise to check with them when they are travelling and where they are going to. If they are jetting off to a location with low humidity, it is not advisable to carry out that treatment less than 24 hours before they travel. For example, if a client receives their treatment in the morning and flies to an area with low humidity that afternoon, the glue will not have had time to fully cure as this takes up to 24 hours. Therefore, due to low humidity the glue will take even longer to cure than normal and this could be detrimental to the bonds lasting effect.

When sunbathing, clients will use sun creams which have oil substance, if these oils are in contact with the eyelash extensions this could be detrimental to the longevity of the glue bond. Whilst we should be aware of application of sun cream, we must understand that if and when entering swimming pools, the oils will be left sitting on the top layer of the pools surface, so when in use of the pool, exposure to oils from the water will be another careful reminder to our clients.

By making your clients aware of these common issues, they will be more likely to enjoy long-lasting beautiful lashes and return with stories of their holidays rather than negative feedback of their lashes!