Top Tips For Choosing an Eyelash Extension Course

Top Tips For Choosing an Eyelash Extension Course 

Choosing the Best Eyelash Course can make a Massive Difference.

Getting started with eyelash extensions is not always easy. However, it can be made a whole lot easier by selecting a good training course. Even the basics of picking up lashes can seem impossible when you first attempt it and without guidance it's difficult to overcome this feeling. Different students will learn in different ways, a good trainer recognises this and in a small class size can present the course content in a way that you can absorb it most effectively.

So how do you know that it's a good course?

Before you book, make sure you ask the right questions. It will save you money, time and a whole lot of hassle;

  1. Ask if the course has been accredited - Beauty Guild accreditation will allow you to get discounted insurance, membership and the support of professionals, should you encounter problems. It is also reassurance that it is a properly assessed training course

  2. Ask how many CPD points the course has been awarded - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are a good guide to the course content. Each accredited course will be awarded a points score based on what the course will actually teach you. You can also use these points across treatments to build up further qualifications.

  3. Ask about the class size - Smaller is better, but it's good to have other students to bounce ideas off. It's also sometimes difficult to remember all the questions you should be asking in the intensity of one-on-one. You need time to listen and absorb. We think 4 - 6 per class works out well, allowing individual attention and the time to process the information.

  4. Ask about feedback on case studies - It is not possible to do one day of training and be fully proficient in eyelash extensions. In the same way that you would not be expected to pass your driving test after one lesson. You need time to work on the technique and gradually build up your skill and confidence. Case studies must be given detailed feedback to allow you to improve and be comfortable offering the treatment to paying clients.

  5. Ask about ongoing support - Natural lashes vary from person to person and eye to eye. You will encounter difficult lashes so you will need to call on the experience and support of your trainer to help deal with them.

  6. Ask about the products - You will get used to the products you use while you are training. Make sure that the course is offering good quality brand name products. Not padding out their kit with cheap glues and lashes that are difficult to use. Is the kit good value on it's own? Can you buy it separately? Some companies subsidise their training by charging over the odds for substandard kits.

  7. Ask if you will be charged for hidden extra items - some companies will again subsidise their courses by added extras like course materials, certification, retrains etc.

  8. Can you speak to a Trainer in person - sometimes it's good to know that you can actually communicate with your trainer. Do they seem knowledgeable and friendly?

  9. Finally, look for real reviews and recommendations - Certified independent reviews can be hard to come by. Yotpo, Shopify and ReeVoo collect reviews from actual customers. Sadly, the beauty forums like SalonGeek are stalked by 'ringers' and 'trolls' who recommend courses without declaring their connection to the company they are promoting. Ringers' posts will usually be one or two lines that include a link but, unless you know them, look at the previous posts of users on these forums.


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