Real Mink Eyelash Extensions? - No Thanks

Why We Don't Sell Real Mink Fur Lashes.

Some of you have been asking for our views on real mink fur eyelash extensions. We've been offered real fur several times over the years but after investigating the sources we decided not to sell them. None of the suppliers could satisfy us that the fur was collected without cruelty and that the supply chain was hygienic enough to offer them for sale. Most of the fur that was described as 'siberian mink' actually came from a weasel called a Chinese Kolinsky which is intensively farmed in appalling conditions.

In our opinion the lashes themselves do not match the quality of the very best, advanced synthetic lashes such as the ones in the platinum edition 'mink' tray lashes range. The best lashes currently available are made from PBT, an advanced polymer that holds its curl but stays soft,supple and shiny. Those of you that already use our lashes can see that there is a big difference between them and cheap acrylic lashes that are more brittle and tend to have a dull grey sheen.

We're not saying that you shouldn't use fur lashes if you really want to, or that there are not good real mink fur lashes out there. It’s just that we’ve never seen them, and we’ve seen a lot of lashes in our time. We’d be interested to know if any of you have found fur lashes that are actually from real minks and documented to be hygienic and cruelty free.

We’ve got no plans to add real fur lashes to our range and we will not offer any products that can’t be traced to humane and hygienic sources. We occasionally get clients that demand real fur as they perceive it to be the best because it is the most expensive. Once we explain our reasons for not using them, and show them the quality of synthetic PBT lashes, most of them are happy to go with platinum edition synthetic minks.