Coloured Lashes are not Just for Fun

Add Even More Depth and Definition to xD Volume Lashes with Colour Accents.

Coloured lashes have been around for a while but we've only recently started using them in Russian Volume treatments. We've seen fun sets or special occasion lashes in colour for classic individuals but clients are hesitant to wear them as everyday lashes. Until now we've only been able to get colours in hard, dull, acrylic lashes but now they are available in PBT, the same material used for the rest of our Platinum Edition 'Mink' tray lashes range.

In this year's Lash Festival some of the world's top lash artists were using colour in a different way. Blending vibrant colours with black lashes to create accents can complement the client's eyes and create a look that is really special.

As the lashes used for volume treatments are so fine, it is a completely different effect than when you use them as part of a individual treatment. The colour catches the light and the effect changes as you get closer. The look is subtle but effective, some may not even register that you are wearing coloured lashes at first, but they'll notice that there is something special about your eyes. It's difficult to do them justice in a photograph as it's the changing effect as the light moves that really adds the "wow factor".

Colour adds another creative dimension to the Lash Artist's palette.  Client's that have tried them are so happy with the results and enjoying the compliments of their friends and partners. You can experiment with our first 2 colours; Persian Blue and Orchid Purple, they are available in C-Curl mixed length trays, 0.07mm thickness in our web shop right now.