Clear Vision is Essential for Beauty Treatments

Head worn magnifiers have been an essential part of the tool kit of precision craftspeople for centuries. They have the obvious advantage of not just focusing on a limited work area like magnifier lamps and fixed lenses. Not only are they used by lash technicians worldwide, but brow and nail technicians are also seeing the advantages.

The first criteria is of course whether they have good, clear lenses that work at a range of magnification levels. When you're wearing a magnifier for an extended period they have to be comfortable and finally, because our heads are tilted forward over our clients faces, they have to stay in place.

We have a brilliant model of glasses type magnifiers; the Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe version is built for long term comfort and security. Super lightweight composite frame, rubberised grip pads and an adjustable head band make sure that you can wear it comfortably for extended periods and be confident that it stays in place. There are 5 different hard-coated lenses included to suit a range of working distances and magnification levels and there is even a built in dual LED lamp powered by coin cell batteries.

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