Crackdown on Uninsured, Unqualified Eyelash Extension Technicians

Unqualified Lash Therapists put Their Clients (and Themselves) at Risk.

You've all heard the horror stories of the damage done by untrained technicians, it affects us all. There is no requirement in the UK to be licensed but now untrained therapists are finally being targeted by local authorities and insurance companies. There is a new group of personal injury lawyers focussed on eyelash extensions. The risk of treating clients without adequate insurance or training is becoming greater but we know that there are still thousands out there winging it, putting their clients and their livelihood at risk.

 We check the certification of everyone that buys our glue and it's a bit alarming to see how many people are doing eyelash extensions without ever having been assessed or certified. Many think that their insurance will cover them if they have any kind of beauty policy. Hopefully, they will never have to make a claim. Insurance companies need to be told exactly what treatments you carry out and the qualifications you hold. If it can be shown that you're not fully qualified to carry out the treatment and you have a problem, you're on your own. It's negligent to treat without being properly trained. You can be sued and may find it almost impossible to get further insurance.

Eyelash Extensions

If you're in any doubt over whether you're fully covered, contact your insurance company. Just because you're paying for insurance doesn't necessarily mean that you have cover. Without a certificate, even if you've been doing lash extensions without a problem for years, or have had in-house training, you could be left high and dry if an unhappy client consults a personal injury lawyer.

As eyelash extensions become a mainstream beauty treatment, it's a matter of time before stricter controls are introduced. It will not be enough to have just attended a course, there will need to be assessment to qualify as a therapist from recognised accreditation bodies such as the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists. Most of the big brands are qualified in this respect but, surprisingly, some aren't. Do your research before training, every training centre will be able to tell you who their course is accredited by and the number of CPD points they have been awarded. Continued Professional Development points are a good guide to the course content, the more points, the more in-depth your training will be and the more your certificate is worth.

We know that it adds extra hassle, but we think additional controls such as licensing will be good for the Lashers that have invested in their future and trained properly. It will help clients choose a reputable Lash Therapist and reduce the damage that is done by those who have not had proper safety instruction.