Can you Really Learn xD Russian Volume Lashes in One Day?

We Think that Real xD Russian Volume Lashes need an Intensive 2 Day Course.. Here's Why..

Our multi award-winning xD Russian eyelash extension courses are widely recognised as the best you can get. We are sometimes asked if we can train in one day to reduce the cost but there are some good reasons why the training is spread out over 2 days. I'm sure we would be able to train a lot more people with a one day course but that would mean compromising on quality, and we'll never settle for 2nd best.

xD Volume is not rocket science but there is a very specific technique that you must learn in order to do it properly. It is also important to understand the basic principles of the treatment so that you can design lashes that are ideally suited to your client and make them last longer than conventional eyelash extensions. We ask that xD students have at least 6 months lashing experience so that they can build on the knowledge they have gained. It ensures that everyone on the course can progress at the same pace and we're not wasting time on stuff that you already know.

xD Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course

The first day of the course is an introduction to the technique, the theory behind it, and also covers recent changes in legislation to ensure that you are operating your lash business with up to date knowledge. The core of the technique is being able to pick up fans of micro-fine lashes. At first, it seems impossible but, with expert coaching and practice, this becomes both rewarding and slightly addictive. Everyone needs a little time to coordinate their fine-motor skills and to allow the technique to embed. Practice, even over a few hours at the end of the day and in the evening can make a huge difference when it comes to actually applying the lashes on day 2.

The second day is devoted to intensive practical coaching on two live models with differing lash types. We have a pool of models at each venue, all patch tested and eager to have this stunning treatment. The speed of the student's application varies but by the end of the first live model everyone is able to pick up and apply the fans safely. The second model is where the fun begins, it can take over 3 hours to do the treatment but the addictive nature means you're always thinking if you can fit in "just one more fan". By the end of the second day you'll be confident to go away and complete full sets of real xD Russian Volume lashes. There's no one day course on the planet that can claim to do that!

As with all our courses, even when you've qualified and joined the elite rank of Eyelash Emporium certified xD Volume technicians you can still get unlimited, ongoing support. You may never need it, but it's nice to know that we'll be there with expert advice for problems you may come up against.