What's the Difference Between Acrylic and PBT Lashes?

All Lashes are the Same.. Right?

Some brands may like you to think so, but Chinese acrylics can't compare to the quality of PBT lashes. 

Once upon a time all lashes were made of acrylic resin. It's cheap, easy to manufacture and takes colour dyes very well. The majority of lashes on the market are still made of this material and nearly all of the smaller brands use it. It's only when you compare them to real PBT lashes that the differences become apparent. After exposure to moisture, acrylic lashes have a dull, chalky appearance, they are stiffer, a bit springy and have a material 'memory' so; if they get bent out of shape, by sleeping on them for example, they stay bent.

5 years ago we searched the world for a better material with a more natural appearance. Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) is a high performance engineering polymer. It's more expensive, trickier to colour and manufacture but lashes made from this material are soft, strong and have a gorgeous, natural glossy sheen. They also retain their curl and appearance better and don't get bent out of shape so easily (you can forget the masks and special pillows).

We think it's well worth the extra expense so now our entire lash range is made from PBT, not just the Platinum Edition. Only you can decide if it's the right material for your clients but; by passing on our quantity discounts, we can keep prices lower than some brands still selling acrylic lashes. 


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