How to Improve Eyelash Adhesive Performance in Hot and Humid Weather

How to Improve Eyelash Adhesive Performance in Hot and Humid Weather

All semi-permanent eyelash extension adhesives need moisture and heat to set properly. The heat helps the adhesive to dry and moisture causes a chemical reaction in the adhesive to help it set. Each adhesive will be designed to work under ideal conditions and when your environment gets hotter or colder, wetter or drier, the adhesive will behave differently.

Our adhesive is designed to work at it's best from 19ºC - 23ºC and with a humidity level of 40% to 70%. It will still work outside this range but you will notice some changes in the way it behaves. Other manufacturers adhesives will have different 'sweet spots' but you can expect them to be similar as this range is thought of as normal room temperature.

Firstly, know your environment, every professional lash technician should have a Therma-Hygrometer, it lets you know if you have a problem in your treatment room and gives you the chance to open the window or switch on the air conditioning to alter the environment.

Store your adhesive properly. Once opened, lash adhesives should never be stored in the fridge. If a new bottle has been kept in the fridge, bring it up to room temperature over several hours before opening. This stops condensation on the inside of the bottle. Lash adhesives should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, away from other products, a perfect storage solution is a wide mouthed vacuum flask. You can also put a little bag of dry rice or silica gel in the container to ensure it stays dry.

Manage your use of adhesive. On a hot and humid day, put out smaller drops of adhesive every few minutes. Work your way around the stone and make a new drop each time. Never add adhesive to the same drop or top up the same adhesive cup. As soon as the adhesive is exposed, it will start to cure. Adding more adhesive doesn't stop the curing process and your drop will become gloopy, affecting it's strength and make it difficult to work with.

Make sure your adhesive stone is clean, with no residue from cleaning products, if you cover your adhesive stone with tape it can hold moisture and shorten the life of the adhesive. We recommend The Eyelash Emporium adhesive stone stickers, they're quick, easy and ensure you're on a good surface every time.

Eyelash Extension Glue Stone Stickers

Over time you will become used to the way your adhesive behaves. It can be difficult for mobile technicians who have to work in very different environments and those of us who share salon space. You may find that you need to switch to a slower curing adhesive, such as Medium Adhesive, to prevent it starting to set before it touches the natural lash. Using your hygrometer, you'll work out how to affect the heat and humidity, we use a mixture of air con and humidifiers to control the environment in our Pinewood Studios treatment rooms, but there are still days where it can be a challenge.