How to Make Lashes Last Longer

Aftercare is the Key to Making Eyelash Extensions Last

We want our client's to come back for infills but; if their lashes start to drop after a few days, it's not good for business. Dissatisfied clients will look elsewhere and may ask for a refund even when you've done a perfectly good job.

So, what should you do to ensure your hard work stays put? We've covered preparation in a previous blog post, having a clean lash to attach to will ensure that the glue is given the best chance to bond. Even a perfect bond can be broken down by common cosmetic ingredients so it's vital to explain the importance of good aftercare and which products to avoid.

Take extra care in the first 24 hours. Although the glue may appear dry on the surface, it can take up to 24 hours for the adhesive bond to reach it's full strength. Lash glues first dry and then react with moisture to set solid all the way through. It sounds obvious but remind them to try and avoid touching, rubbing and picking at their lashes in this critical period. You should also avoid doing eyebrow treatments on the same day as lash extensions as the chemicals used can interact.

Keep the lashes clean but be careful what you use. Baby wipes and most makeup removal wipes contain oils, moisturisers and glycol. Natural soap is fine but many soaps contain palm oil and moisturising ingredients that can be absorbed into the natural lash and affect the bond. Use clean water on a pad to carefully wash the eyelid and pat dry. For the best results, we recommend that your clients use eyelash extension safe, protein and makeup removal pads.

Swimming and showering. Water does not affect our eyelash extensions as they are made from PBT. Acrylic lashes can go hard and chalky after immersion so extra care is needed. The natural lash is slightly porous, so it will absorb water. This makes the glue bond weaker for a while until the lash has had a chance to dry completely. Gently dry eyes with a soft towel by carefully dabbing with the eyes closed and avoid touching the lashes for an hour at least.

Use only eyelash extension safe makeup on or near the eyes. Most mascaras and eyeliners contain oils and solvents that will damage the glue. If your client wants to continue using eyeliner or mascara you can recommend our range of eyelash extension safe eye makeup.

Keep hands clean. Sunscreen, oily hand creams and moisturisers can easily transfer to the lashes. Avoid touching the eyes immediately after applying any of these products.

Some lash companies sell masks and special pillows to stop eyelashes getting bent out of shape while asleep. These are not necessary if you use our PBT lash extensions as they are softer and hold their curl much better than ordinary acrylic lashes. If you still use this type of lash you should make your client aware that they should avoid compressing their lashes against the pillow if they sleep on their side.

We can't make our clients look after their lashes but; if we take the time to explain the do's and don'ts of living with lash extensions, it encourages loyalty and makes each client a walking advert for your service.