Training to be an Eyelash Technician: Week 2

So if you read the blog last week you will know that this week was my training day at The Eyelash Emporium in Pinewood Studios. I was really excited to get stuck in but also quite nervous as my background is not as a technician in any form of beauty like some of the others I was training with.

Eyelash Extension Training CourseThe training day was set out exactly as it would be with anyone else coming in to train with us and head trainer Donna informed us of the outline for the day. Of course I was excited for the practical but knew there would be theory that would help me understand the processes involved much better. The information was fascinating and I couldn’t believe how much knowledge Donna had on the subject! A lot of the time with theory I can get bored as I am not scared to admit that I have an extremely small attention span. But I was very surprised how engaging it was and how much I absorbed. I don’t want to spoil the contents of the course for anyone but there are so many aspects that I never would have thought would affect eyelash extensions!

So on to the practical; I never realised before this training how skilled beauty technicians are. I Eyelash Extension Training Courseknew it would be a tough technique to master but didn’t realise how much goes in to the treatment. If like me you have never done anything like this before, the first time you pick up the tweezers and pick up an extension it will feel like an impossible task to get this tiny piece of material onto a thin lash. The first time I tried I failed terribly! The lash was completely out of line and wasn’t stuck down properly. But I was very surprised that by the 10th attempt it was becoming a little bit less alien to me and I actually managed a perfect application! It’s amazing to see that with some practice how much you can improve and that is definitely the key to this treatment…practice, practice, practice.

By the end of the day we had carried out patch tests and all felt a lot more confident in our skills. I didn’t understand how it could be addictive, but a day later and all I want to do is start my case studies! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel prepared to go out into the real world to complete my first application. Wish me luck…