Training to be a Lash Technician: Case Study 1

Now I have completed my training at The Eyelash Emporium® it is time to get started with my 5 case studies required to become a certified technician. I have to say, the first one is extremely daunting as you are carrying out the treatment on someone you know, who has kindly volunteered to essentially be your guinea pig! Despite being a little nervous, overall I was really excited to see what I could achieve and to finally get stuck in and try to complete a set of lashes.

I always thought that I would have to carry on with my case study until I have completed a full set of lashes, and as I haven’t quite mastered the technique just yet I was worried I would be sat there for hours on end. However, after speaking to Donna my trainer she made it clear to do 2 hours of applying the extensions and then stop. This was for many reasons including the fact your eyes will become tired especially because you’re not used to carrying out the treatment, it also helps Donna assess and mentor how you are developing with each case study which I thought was a great idea as I would also be able to see how I was improving with each attempt.

Luckily I have a big group of best friends that are all willing to be my models for case studies and my friend Fran was first up. I set her up on my bed at home with a pillow under her head and knees so that she was comfortable. I gave her a blanket and made sure she had nipped to the bathroom as two hours laying down would be uncomfortable if she wanted to get up! I had carried out her patch test and consultation 2 evenings before so knew she hadn’t experienced any form of reaction to the products and I had already set up my products for the look she wanted to achieve.

As I got started I thought “how am I going to do this for 2 hours? I am so slow!” But surprisingly after 10 minutes or so I started to get into a flow and the lashes were going on easier with every attempt. Before I knew it the 2 hours were up and to my surprise I had actually completed a fairly full set! I was chuffed and once I had cleared away the glue and waited for the vapours to clear, I could finally show her the results. She was really pleased and even she was astounded at the amount I had done.

Remembering all the little bits such as positioning yourself right, how to pick up the lashes, the application process and also trying to hold the isolation all at the same time is a struggle. My main issue is alignment and the positioning of my body but I am confident that through the next case studies I will gradually improve on these aspects. 1 down, 4 to go…