Training to be a Lash Technician: Case Study 2

My 2nd attempt at applying a set of eyelash extensions was much less daunting than the first, I have to say. Once the first hurdle is done with, the addiction starts to introduce itself and all I wanted to do for the week after my first case study was get on to my second!

My lovely colleague Rachael volunteered to be my model. By volunteered I mean I couldn’t get her on the couch fast enough as she loves eyelash extensions more than the average girl loves chocolate!

This time I really wanted to work on my detail because I knew I could work on speed later. Plus, there’s no point being fast at the application part if the technique is wrong. I completed Rachael’s consultation and she wanted a set of full, long lashes. This lady is all about the glitz and glamour so I wanted to give her the best set I could in the 2 hours.

I really focused on the preparation with this case study as I know from Donna my trainer that it is just as important as the application. If the preparation has been done wrong, there is so much room for error which would be easy to see when I sent over my images. Making sure Rachael was comfortable by ensuring the tape and pads were in the correct position did take a bit of work to get right but I knew that it was very important not for it to effect the waterline.

I implemented my structure as before and then started to fill in the gaps. I realised as I was going along that my main issue was alignment. Some lashes would go on perfectly but others would simply point out to completely different angles. After showing Donna my technique it was clear to her that this was happening for 2 reasons. I was not picking the extension up at the right angle and I was not moving my body in the correct way so that I was in line with the angle of the natural lash.

At the end of the 2 hours I had applied a fair amount of lashes and throughout the process had become much more aware of my positioning, meaning the final few lashes I put on were significantly better than the first.

Next week I know this should be my main focus before I start to pick up the speed and start to experiment with some different lengths and curls. I simply can’t believe how much difference doing the case studies is making. Take a look and see what you think!

Training to be a lash technician