Training to be a Lash Technician: Case Study 3

If you have been following my journey to becoming an eyelash technician, you will know that I recently completed my second case study and was relatively happy with the results.

After sending my images to Donna my trainer I received some very helpful feedback from my first attempts. She indicated to me that the way I was sitting was wrong and she could tell this because my alignment was not as it should be. This was because my friend who I was carrying out the treatment on during my first case study was lying on my bed and I had placed myself at the end of the bed on a chair. This chair didn’t have the option to change angle so instead of moving my body I had simply sat in the same position for the whole time.

Another point she made was that the lashes looked very sparse when I had applied them and that was because I had not assessed the length properly during my consultation. As her natural lashes were very short, the length of the extension that I had applied was too long and therefore only highlighted the length of her natural lashes.

Taking all this into account I arranged my third case study and this time it was my friend Hannah’s turn. I carried out her patch test and 2 days later after seeing no sign of a reaction I prepared to apply a full set.

Patch TestDuring her consultation she had expressed the wish for a flared look instead of the natural shape I had created in my first case study. Therefore I chose to apply the lashes in the structure of 9, 10 and 11 as shown below. I created the structure and made sure that I was conscious of my positioning.I borrowed a treatment bed from the office which was very helpful as this meant I would be able to move my body easily, and also I could alter the height of the bed to make sure I was at the right angle. I set out all of the tools and lashes I would need and made sure she was comfortable. Within 5 minutes she was asleep!

At the end of the treatment I wasn’t as happy with the results as I was with the first set and was a little disappointed as the lashes did not seem to have the alignment I had hoped for and the overall look had not turned out as I had initially thought. You can see this from the image below as I was concerned that the lashes were actually too long for her natural lashes which is something that had already been pointed out to me in my first case study.

Full set of eyelashes

When I sent off my images for assessment, it was no surprise to me that Donna agreed with this point. She was really helpful and gave me some great constructive criticism which I am always open to. She also pointed out that I needed to make sure I took the time to carry out separation as on the images some of the lashes looked grouped together. She was happy with the safety distance and the amount of glue I was using so all in all I was happy with the response as if I am honest I thought it would be much worse! On to the next one…