A Day In The Life Of Trainer Danielle Hamnett – GDL Lifts For The OK! Magazine

A Day In The Life Of Trainer Danielle Hamnett – GDL Lifts For The OK! Magazine

Thinking back to the night before my trip to London, I was a mixture of excitement and nerves, so much so that I could hardly sleep! The feeling was similar when I had my driving test; the realisation that I have an important day ahead. It was as if I woke on the hour every hour to check the time, ensuring that I would get on the 5.32am train to Euston.

After an early train journey I eventually made it to Cannon Street where I was not disappointed. The OK! building is grand, just as I had expected – a beautiful building. The flags flying through the air confirmed I was at the correct venue. I had indeed arrived for my day working in the big city. This could not have been a bigger contrast to my own salon in the small village of Deganwy, North Wales.

At reception, I was greeted and taken to the pop-up treatment room.The setting of the room was breath-taking, from the treatment room you could see straight down the River Thames with a direct view of London Bridge. I could seriously get used to this!

Treatment commenced right away, there were 9 ladies booked in total which I needed to complete throughout the day. The OK! ladies had been patch tested for the tinting part of the lash lift 48 hours before my arrival. This was only possible thanks to the GDL innovation which allows us to post a patch tests to clients! All a client needs to do is place the patch test on their skin (similar to a temporary tattoo) which exposes them to a small amount of product ensuring us as therapists would be no reaction and we have the confidence we are safe to perform the treatment. As the GDL only takes around 40 minutes for completion, you could in theory have the treatment through your lunchtime!

The GDL lash lift treatment uses a process of chemicals to change the shape of the natural lash, redefining it from the root. This allows the lash to be elevated, creating length and giving the illusion of longer lashes without any extensions being applied. This is the perfect no fuss treatment – it’s low maintenance as it lasts up to 8 weeks.

I had the pleasure to meet some wonderful ladies throughout the day, everyone was very excited as it was the OK! Magazine 25th anniversary the following day and they were all gearing up for a huge party being held at the Shard. I remember feeling very honoured I could help these lovelies through the party preparation… and GDL did not disappoint we achieved some fabulous lifts.

The train journey home gave me time to reflect on the day, the awesome OK! team and the opportunity that was given to me. And for this I’m hugely grateful, loved it. Thank you Eyelash Emporium!