Have you ever heard the terms ‘Flat,’ ‘Ellipse’ or ‘Cashmere’ Lashes and wondered what they are?

They are, in effect, the same type of lashes - ‘Ellipse’ means ‘Oval’ - flat, ellipse and cashmere lashes are all oval at the ends rather than being round like a normal classic lash.

Flat lashes have a larger surface area to adhere to the natural lash, and give you a wide range of features and benefits:

  • Increased retention – more of the artificial lash adhered to the natural lash
  • Increased volume giving the illusion of thicker, darker lashes without the extra weight
  • Perfect to add extra texture and ‘fluffiness’
  • A 0.15mm lash will give the effect of a 0.20mm lash without damaging the natural lash
  • Clients who have thinner lashes can have a flat lash applied without any damage to natural lashes
  • Extra definition – perfect for the ‘wispy’ or ‘KIM K’ look!
  • You don’t need any extra glue

We love how flat lashes sit on the lashes and give a much darker lash line. Our flat lashes come in a C-Curl in 0.15mm/0.20mm and mixed lengths.


  • Posted by Suzanne Burness on

    Hi Eyelash emporium, will you do these in different curls at any point? and would you be able to buy them in trays of all the same length?

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