Hand-Made Fans

Hand-Made Fans

Why hand-make fans?
Hand-making fans allows you to have more control over creating the volume lash set specifically for your clients natural lash texture, strength and length - ultimately giving better retention and minimising damage.

Hand-made fans can be timely, but clients are willing to pay more for them.

How are hand-made fans made?
Hand-made volume lash extension fans are created by a lash artist by hand using individual lashes in thicknesses 0.03mm-0.10mm. The lashes are pulled off the strip in groups of two to up to 10 lashes, carefully separated and arranged into a fan. The way in which this is done varies by lash artist.

Hand-making fans is an art and it can take a while to master a technique of building fans which works for you. There are several techniques a few of our favourites are Pick Up & Place, Finger Roll, Strum and the Wiggle. All of which we show our students on our xD Russian Volume Course.

So how are these hand-made fans applied?
Once the lashes have been fanned, they're then dipped into eyelash adhesive, and wrapped to one of the client’s natural lashes.

Practice makes perfect
Once you've mastered a technique that works for you, continue to use that technique as it will ensure all your fans are consistent allowing you to create a uniformed set. Now you've found your fan building technique we recommend you practice, practice, practice. Ask every volume lash tech and will tell you that when they first started out (and they probably still do now), that when they have a quiet period in the salon or even when they're at home sat in front of the TV they will just sit and build fans.